This page includes a short biography and introduction to the work of Andrew Henon

Andrew Henon Summarised biography and professional profile

Andrew is known as a ‘socially engaged artist’ with a professional career spanning 43 years.

During his career as an artist Andrew has designed, delivered and evaluated numerous projects working with people most disenfranchised in society with issues of deprivation and multiple challenges in their lives. He works within communities engaging with young people and families, those at risk, vulnerable people with mental health and wellbeing challenges, drugs and alcohol dependency, poverty, social isolation and abuse. His work employs a range of different mediums and media using underlying creative methodologies as a means of engagement in creative processes of change for others and him self.

Over his career he has performed key roles in setting up influential artist and poet led groups in the south west including Dorset and Somerset Art Weeks, Artworks Festival, Tears in The Fence and Wessex Poetry Festivals, Sherborne Contemporary Arts, SMART and Old Bakery Artist groups.

Qualified with MA Fine Art by research practice, an HND and ADMP in site and need based specific Spatial Design. His work has been funded by many major institutions as well as smaller grant programmes this includes; Arts Council England, Heritage Lottery, Big Lottery, Regional Arts Lottery Programme, Reaching Communities Fund, European Social Fund, Quartet, and Network for Social Change, Changemakers, B&NES Carers Centre, John Allbar Trust, Arts Dyslexia Trust, National Regional and Local Government, City, County, Town, and Parish Councils.

He has a long standing project, exhibition and performance profile, many group exhibitions and one person shows including among others, Museum of Modern Art Wales, Christies, The Mall Galleries London, Mauger Modern Art Gallery and Edge Gallery Bath University and Arts University Bournemouth.

He is a published writer, poet, painter and artist in his own rite, his work is available online and in published form.

“I like to think I have chosen a creative life, I realise now a creative life actually chose me”

You can access some examples of Andrews work archived in the Social Art Library

Click on https://www.socialartlibrary.org/search?q=Andrew%20Henon

Andrew Henon

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