‘Who Cares’

Artist in residence carers centre

This is the blog for ‘Who Cares’ artist in residence project conceived, designed and delivered by Andrew Henon. It is funded by Arts Council England and Bath & North East Somerset Council Arts Development, supported by the Carers Centre and a number of supporting advisors and project mentors. See http://www.banescarerscentre.org.uk/

The project aims and objectives are summarized as:

‘Unique ‘Artist in Residence’ within ‘Carers Centre’ working with Young Carers; Using visual arts to develop an artsaward programme of activities empower young carers, raise creative content quality, engagement, delivery capacity, raise quality of arts activities and profile of young carers. Raise public awareness of caring issues. Collaborate with others to raise the expertise levels within work with young carers and adult carers. Collaborate with a completely new art form, I have not previously experienced producing new creative work. Reflect on career to date to move work on and prepare for a major touring application and exhibition programme 2015-2016.’

In Memory FrancesIn memory of my sister Frances who died of cancer in February this year and in memory of my mother and father who died in early 2011. I was their carer for the last 10 years of their lives but I just thought I was doing what a son should do. I did not consider my self a carer in the same way I cared for my step son who was diagnosed insulin dependant at 14 years of age but I did consider being a carer I now realise I was. This is the space that you can use to reply to the project through posting a comment on the page and add to an ongoing dialogue and take part in the project through this blog.

I welcome your comments and look forward to your responses. Please do reply using the space below


2 responses

12 10 2013
Jack Whitehead

Hi Andy – I’m wondering whether your work as Artist in Residence working with Young Carers and using the visual arts, might help to develop an understanding of how to enhance our understandings of the art(s) of living. I’m thinking of the art of living in the sense that each individual can be thought of as an artist in giving form to their own lives in a way that helps to enhance the flow of values that carry hope for the future of humanity.

14 10 2013

I agree with artist Joseph Beuys who said that he regarded any one who attempted to do what they do to the very best of their ability to be an artist. I too am hoping to gain a greater uderstanding of that which creates meaning and purpose to life through the lived experience of being an artist and human being. I hope make a contribution in my life that makes a difference to others however I seek to start this process from work on my self with self change and in the words of ‘Gandi’ ” be the change that I wish to see in the world”. I thank you for the feedback and hope to continue the conversations further.

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