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‘new levels’


new levels

a 21 trunked tree

splays out across river flows

shaded under leaf dappled

sun lit grass, ruffled

lush green, banked ground

with centre crown

Sedgemoor seeds sow

grow a weeping willow


tears for the rivers going

flood drenched soak sponge

far away from plastic scourers

Sellotape and Cellophane

Breathe in the weeping willow

Hold a breath for beauty

in dark times

tomorrow all of this water

will have passed

leaves on an outgoing tide

drops sedimentary deposits

suspended particulars

yet on paper

fixed terms of reference

do not shift


remain in a state of property

trying to own seeds on the wind

chasers, chancres, mercenary

know nothing of spiritual gold

or spirit of silver

reflected back from a distanced stare

longing to share

that which makes us human


touch another’s heart

from 2 metres

there is no briefing

mediated answer

for what to do

our expectations

to be cared for, respected, valued, accepted

put to the test, yoke to bear

beasts of burden for privileged few


locked down

locked in

locked up

locked out


not for me, stayed free

delivering Dotcom, school meals and PPE

time to reflect, rethink, re-evaluate

roads, towns, beaches fill up

oceans now have gloves and masks

antibacterial water ways, poisoned source

take any moment to slow down

into an inner place

sanctuary space

a sacred home


buy nothing more

reject what was

sit a while by water flows

mind is fed outside your head

stillness find inside your mind

that creates the dream

extends beyond, made and scene

under trees with dappled leaves

where your hands have always been

here where the water

trickles down different life lines

and connections reformed again

in layers of the anthropocean


This poem is created as a response to the georgraphic and socio economic landscape of the Somerset Levels during the COVID19 period of ‘Lockdown’ It refers to change and refelcts on how the outside world influences us and we influence it through processes of change. It will be shown as part of the Bridgewater Quayside Festival alongside other work of The Fountain poetry group of which I am proud and pleased to be a member.


‘admiable red’


admirable red

seemingly fragile life, appears delicate strength

Vanessa atalanta, from North Africa

in summer, increased number

over, recent years some overwinter

nymphalidae family of traveller

those who make it through

ride prevailing currents

with wings together camouflaged underneath

disappear at rest on tree or ground


‘We’re all in this together’


on arrival open winged solar gain bathed

red brown black white blue

anticipated arrival looked for, greeted with smiles

joy filled followers, wonder each year

when flowers return memories

imago, ovum, lava, pupa,

metamorphosis through changes

inspirational process, asks that fixed questions

become open source, free at the point of view


‘We’re all in this together’


key workers whose small actions become considerable

in effect amidst chaos, make adjustments

at a cursory glance, maintains a precarious balance

seen in different light, moves as a model

a Red Admiral, previously known

as ‘The Red Admirable’

on Verbena in disambiguation, acts as though aware

of observer, welcomed as an essential friend

yet distanced in air of confidence


‘We’re all in this together’


in the kindness of nettles left to flower

ivy blossom, thistles and brambles

individual reflections of what really matters

pruned buddleia spreads seeds that grow in walls

leaving grasses, docks vetches and corn flowers

blackthorn, sedum , michaelmas, hemp-agrimony and rue

the day of lawnmowers, round up and phosphates

through lens opening, glimpse complexities return

in multi coloured freedoms, spectrums of desire

this, translucent, transcultural, transient beauty

This poem refers to my earlier painings of butterflies my concerns about global environmental change and our part in the extinction of species. It speaks about the COVID19 pandemic experiences, Chaos theory and the oportunity to change.

Still photo

admirable red


‘summer solstice Black Lives Matter 2020’

This is a short silent video poem created on the solstice of 2020 revisting the earlier peice created in 2018 and made with the Black Lives Matter campaign in mind. It is reseponce to being aware of how racist we may still be in our daily lives and how we all need to become more aware in order to change things.

‘summer solstice 2018’

Created in 2018 it is a short silent video poem created during a peotry workshop held at the bow warf in Langport with the ‘Fountain Poets of Wells, East Coker Group and frome stanza group.It was accepted for the Trans Cultural Exchange digital event Hello World in 2020.

Here is the interview with Deb Richardson about my work.

‘the art of memory’

A collaborative poem and poetry performance with David Caddy for the South West Poetry Tour. Delivered at Hauser & Wirth in 2016

‘swim lanes’

‘swim lanes’ This poem was created in collaboration with Christos Vasilakis CHi2 University of Bath for the Fringe Art Bath and Unversity of Bath Art Science initiative. It refers to computer systems modeling within the specific context of the NHS and blood suplies required during a critical event. It refers to the different and shared languages of Art & Science and the re-humanisation of machine, artificial and synthetic systems. It is produced using still images from the body of work created during the project and included in the FABSCI exhibition at the ‘Edge Gallery’ in 2016

Frnge Art Bath interview with myself and Christos Vasilakis about the work

‘dynamic flow form’

‘dynamic flow form’ by Andrew Henon. This poem was created from fimed content produced from 2010 together with a poem written specifically to accompany the fims as a long poem in 2017. The poem makes the reference to the polution of water, water as a resource, global warming and the use of fosil fuels. It relates the lived experience to the wider issues and challenges of our times.

Young Carers Performance 2014


For Arts Council England artist in residence 2014. In collaboration with Bath Philamonia and Jason Thornton. I created and produced the visual backdrop together with input from young carers at the Carers Centre Bath & North East Somerset.


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