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IMG_0793On this page I hope to record some of the work that I am doing reflecting, re-interpreting and questioning my archive of 36 years practice as an artist and my life history. The image shows where the process is now with archived work in boxes, in plan chest draws and on shelves. The sorting process thus far and the beginings of scanning has included documentation of arts conferences from 1995. The task is at times overwhelming, where to start is allways an issue so just getting in there and doing it, overcoming the procrastination, perfection paralysis syndrome is not exclusive to one moment in time it is a continual barrier. As in life breaking through the barriers and creating new desire lines or pathways in the brain and thinking is a challenge. I hope to acheive the clutter clearing away and first create a cronological indexed body of work that can then be analysed and questioned to find ongoing or recurring themes and practices. I am overcoming what at timesI find tedious, pedestrian and tiring especially as I keep stoping to reflect on the most tedious of papers. Something of memory comes flooding through in the most unexpected of ways.

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24 10 2013
Jack Whitehead

I’m wondering if you will find a creative and productive relationship between reflecting, re-interpreting and questioning your archive of 36 years practice as an artist, with your life history, and your influences as Artist in Residence for 2013-2014 at the Carer’s Centre. I’m thinking of influences that can be connected to enhancing the flow of values that carry hope for the future of humanity.

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