This page provides updates on current issues and work.

I have been busy writing the new APEX book and re editing the http://www.mondaystudio.co.uk website. I have been using Dream Weaver and self teaching myself, it is not that easy for me. In 1998 ( I know the year because we had windows 98 second edition on the PC) I built the Monday Studio website using Microsoft Front Page and a 56K Modem. The site grew as I taught my self how to use Front Page. I added many pages with much content and very low resolution images.

When I published to the site with the BT web publisher wizard I could go and have a cup of tea as the 56K Modem strained away pushing out the data to the BT host, it would take a long time and staring at the little envelope Icon flying across the little box on-screen became hypnotic. Sometimes the screen would freeze and it would be back to the beginning. Since 1994 we have always asked our PC and Mac technology to work at the very extremes of operation. Stretching processors and memory disks seemed to be our destiny as artists exploring this new medium. I was very proud of the site and as they say pride comes before a fall. BT upgraded to intel Any Point DSL and along came Broadband. I had to download the site in order to change over to the DSL Modem.

For over 6 months I had issues with getting the Modem to run. Eventually the problem was diagnosed after countless discussions with help lines including Intel, BT and Viglan. Our PC had a partitioned windows 95 running in the background of windows 98 SE and this was preventing the new modem from running. My life had moved on from the right brain headaches I used to get with the procedural operations of code and what you see is what you get editing and repetitive publication procedures.

So now the procedures, processes, glitches,  and protocols continue to infuriate, frustrate and tire me as I try to create an interesting, worthwhile and meaningful website, with no money, no time really remiliated by plenty of dogged, determined, persistent effort. I hope you like the work so far.


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