26th June 2012

26 06 2012

There are now video files and content on http://www.mondaystudio.co.uk/gallery.html and I have now uploaded video content to You Tube so learning new things all the time. There are distinctly different aproaches evident in the content and it is clear how my motivations and deep concerns have not really changed much over the years. What has changed is the development of ‘Learning’ and ‘Living Educational Theory’ with action research combined with Spatial Design, Fine Art and Socially Engaged Arts. I am still puting together the APEX book and the Young People’s Conference at Writhlington School Radstock on Saturday 30th June from 9.00 am – 4.00 pm will be another oportunity to put into practice a socially engaged arts aproach with a sketchbook workshop.

Website development and process

25 06 2012

During the process of listing the biographical information of a life time career as an artist. A number of things come to mind both how much work has been produced that is hidden behind each listing and how long it will take to do this work justice as it is re presented, re interpreted and my own reflections on all of it. It seems a mammoth task to document all of it and a vast editorial endeavour as to what to leave out. The work is procedural and to date in chronological form I am hoping to create a single document at some stage that can then be word searched to reveal themes and the hidden revelations that may get uncovered. The new page can be found at http://www.mondaystudio.co.uk/Biography.html Eventually each of these listed items will link to the visual documentation and texts that contextualize the work. I have at least 20 bulging 4″ ring bound files, 600 or so 35 mm slides, 3 bulging A3 and 2 bulging A1 portfolios, a large storage box full of photographs and 3 plan chest draws full of original work let alone the contents of the studio shed, home walls and surfaces. 36 years of work is hard to define to ‘Get my head around’ it is overwhelming at times


6 11 2011

Welcome to my wordpress blog.

This blog will compliment the http://www.mondaystudio.co.uk/ website and will provide a public access to daily, weekly or monthly experiences, ideas and views. It will also allow replies and dialogues to develop in a more interactive way than interactions with the website.