Who Cares

12 10 2013

Mum & DadAs I work my way through the ‘Who Cares’ project I am aware that my caring role for my Mother & Father influennced my approach and is near to the heart of my actions and motivations. The care role certainly influenced and informed the concepts in the project and in celebration of my Mum & Dads lives I am posting an image of them taken a few years before they died in 2011. They loved and cared for each other very much in deed they were determined to stay in their own home until they died a wish that they acheived. My mother 89 died in January and my father 92 in march of 2011



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12 10 2013
Jack Whitehead

Smiling at the expression of affection in the photo of your Mum and Dad. I tried to send you my parents favourite photo of themselves but can’t include it in this format. Dad died in 1999 at the age of 77 and Mum died in 2007 at the age of 93. They too had a strong commitment to their independence. My Mother’s strongest value was that of ‘kindness’. When I think of their values of ‘caring’ I’m struck by their willingness and commitment to care for others whist having a very strong resistance to being ‘cared for’ in the sense of being dependent on the ‘care’ of others !

14 10 2013

I found it interesting that allthough my mum & dad were fiercely independant they did not fully realise that they were infact dependant on the care roles that both my sister and I played. This increasing reliance on us at times was extremely frustrating coming to terms with the mixed messages and stuborn resistance to support and help of services that they were entitled to. Their pride and self relience of struggle from extreme backgrounds of poverty in the past together with the war service entrenched certain values that could havbe been considered challenging. I grew up with these challenging attitudes sometimes bigoted, racist and prejudice mixed messages with love and support but also a poverty of love at times that was very difficult to reconcile.

13 10 2013

I love this picture!

24 10 2013
Jack Whitehead

I’m fascinated with understanding the processes through which we can rechannel what could be felt as ‘destructive’ emotions (such as a poverty of love) into the expression of the energy-flowing values that contribute to loving and productive lives. As I follow the emergence of your narrative/living-theory in your responses to your biographical archive I think that I will learn much about these processes.

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