Living educational theories

5 07 2012

When I get emersed in the creation of text, content, thoughts, ideas and concepts, I try and stay really focussed in order to write. The process can blind me to the obvious, it becomes chaotic, random interspurssed with having to take breaks away from the demands of slowing my thinking down to my typing speed and repetitaive strain on eyes, neck, hands, back let alone screen radiation. I know that a dictaphone is the key with todays software, but somehow the process that is mediated still does not satisfy fully, even the pencil, drawing does not convey the moment, the depth of thought or nature of intense questioning that I want to express. I understand the notion that there are two types of text the writterly text for the writter and the readerly text produced with the reader in mind. It seems obvious that they can still be one and the same thing having written this just now as both the writter and the reader of what I have written. So once a piece of text is written I have to consider the reader other than my self. Unless no one is going to read this which is more than likely. The piont is whilst emersed in the writting of the APEX book even when not at the computer key board the process has continiously progressed since getting the commission. I missed the obvious when John Bullock posted on his site “What makes a sustainable lighting manufacturer” John is obviously asking a ‘Living Educational Theory’ question relating to every thing I have been working on. This is why I could not get his question out of my mind the subject was explictly relevant to my interest in sustainable issues but implicitly relevant to my interest in ‘Living Educational Theory’ . But it was like meeting someone out of the usual context either way inspirational in that it has me thinking more complexly and differently again. APEX book is progressing still looking for more content though so not too late to submit a piece.



One response

24 10 2013
Jack Whitehead

Hi Andy I’m commented on this posting some 14 months after the publication of APEX Living Legacies: Stories creating futures. I’m looking forward to sharing your thoughts/actions as Artist in Residence at the Carer’s Centre for 2013-14 and to sharing our understandings of the evolution of your autobiography and living-educational-theory.

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