Book Writing

3 07 2012

The APEX book is begining to take shape now. The struggles with word documents and PDF conversion still concern me but the content will all being well be of a high quality and of interest hopefully to a wide audience.

I am concerned as ever that not to go down a polemic and retorical rant that the times really do warrant. I will leave this to this space. The fact that the cultural context we live in enables people the freedom to create wealth, run businesses and the freedom to say that they ‘have done it all on their own’  then move overseas to wallow in the wealth created in that the system has allowed and the exploited people have colluded, complied with and conformed to. I see nothing wrong with earning an income from what one does, a very good income is absolutely acceptable and to be asspired to. But when does a good income become greed and an abuse and blight on society £50,000 perhaps?



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