Social Contexts

2 07 2012

As I continue to reflect on my own body weight, image and pressence not through vanity alone but from a genuine afirmation of needed change in health, I am also aware of the current context. The normative values and conditions within which we all live that affect our lives. We are living through times that increasingly demand ‘Compliance’ ‘Conformity’ and an overwhelming sense of ‘Austerity’. So what are the current conditions.

I agree with Tony Robinson, George Monbiot and Margaret Heffernan

What do you think?

BBC News – George Monbiot: Private schools should be closed down I like this link re social mobility

BBC News – Tony Robinson asks if bankers are human I recomend you view this clip

It is time for truth to talk to power some insights into the strength required on such a task go to

TG12_47225_D32_6858 I really like the way Margaret Heffernan puts across how hard but how vital to stay with core values

I will still start with my priority to change self first though. It is the hardest evolution with intent and influence as we change the context will shift.




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