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25 06 2012

During the process of listing the biographical information of a life time career as an artist. A number of things come to mind both how much work has been produced that is hidden behind each listing and how long it will take to do this work justice as it is re presented, re interpreted and my own reflections on all of it. It seems a mammoth task to document all of it and a vast editorial endeavour as to what to leave out. The work is procedural and to date in chronological form I am hoping to create a single document at some stage that can then be word searched to reveal themes and the hidden revelations that may get uncovered. The new page can be found at Eventually each of these listed items will link to the visual documentation and texts that contextualize the work. I have at least 20 bulging 4″ ring bound files, 600 or so 35 mm slides, 3 bulging A3 and 2 bulging A1 portfolios, a large storage box full of photographs and 3 plan chest draws full of original work let alone the contents of the studio shed, home walls and surfaces. 36 years of work is hard to define to ‘Get my head around’ it is overwhelming at times



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24 10 2013
Jack Whitehead

Andy – I’ve just browsed through the list of the huge archive resources at:

Not wanting to add anything onerous to your writings I do urge you – if you feel like it, to produce some writings on your life experiences between August 2012, when you finished APEX Living Legacies: Stories Creating Futures and September 2013 when you accepted the position of Artist in Residence at the Carer’s Centre with funds from a funding bid that you worked on with Sonia Hutchison. I’m suggesting that you write about the experiences over these 13 months because of the economic imperative to find paid employment.

30 10 2013
Jack Whitehead

Hi Andy, I’ve enjoyed your writings on ‘Ritual, Talismans, Nature, Power and Charm, written on Monday 28th October 2013 and sent to me on the 30th October.

I particularly liked the way you explained how a Talisman can evoke significant memories and relationships. I’m wondering how your present writings might connect (if you want them to) directly to your life as a socially engaged artist? What I’ve got in mind is the image and context at:

You are behind the Lord Mayor, Faruk Choudhury as he is talking at the preview of the Portrait Exhibition for Black History Month, at Bristol City Hall, on the 25th October 2013.

I’m just including the letter which contains the url for the 20 minute video I took of the opening. The multi-media letter appeals to my aesthetic responses as it connects to what I’ve been talking with you about, ‘the art of living’:

Click to access jwcfshmhlivinglegacies.pdf

In sharp contrast with the pleasure of last Friday morning’s gathering at Bristol City Hall, celebrating the lives of Black and Minority Ethnic Elders, I read the following in today’s Independent – again from Bristol.

“It is a city that prides itself on being one of Britain’s most tolerant and forward-thinking communities – making the murder of Bijan Ebrahimi all the more shocking.

The attack which culminated in the disabled Iranian being set on fire, sparked much soul-searching in Bristol yesterday, as residents and politicians struggled to explain how such a vulnerable man could have met so horrific an end – after wrongly being branded a paedophile by his neighbours.

Nick Gargan, chief constable of Avon and Somerset Police, admitted the city had ‘failed’ to protect Mr. Ebrahimi, who was beaten and set alight in July (2013). Two local men are awaiting sentence after pleading guilty – one to murder, the other to assisting an offender. (Merrill, 2013, p. 13)

Merrill, J. (2013) As police admit they failed Bijan Ebrahimi, his neighbourhood ‘just wants it to go away’. Independent Newspaper, 30th October 2013, p. 13.”

I’ve an intuition that the arts of living engage with both the values that carry hope for the future of humanity and their negation…..

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